Bin Block

Our bin block are a solid, stackable unit that features a smooth finish and center lifting hook for easy movement and placement. The male / female v-wedge simplifies the construction process while providing a sturdy structure.

National Bin Blocks

Sizes & Specifications

  • 2’x2’x6’ (4000 lbs)
  • 2’x2’x4’ (3000 lbs)
  • 2’x2’x6’ Corner Block (4000 lbs)

Bin Block are a versatile product which can be used for many applications. Residential, industrial and commercial builders along with municipalities and others make use of them.

Applications for Bin Block

  • Storage bins
  • Retaining walls
  • Security barriers
  • Parking lot management
  • Property separation
  • Traffic control
  • Anchor weights

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