Stone Veneers

Stone Veneer

“Timeless Beauty”, Natural Stone has a place in history where the past is always present.

Natural Stone Veneers International (NSVI) fabricates natural thin veneer stone for interior and exterior building applications. NSVI has emerged as the leader in the natural stone industry with its diverse natural thin vaneer stone products, distribution and marketing.

Natural Stone  collections expand and complement structural dimension with a diversity of color and texture. Many variations on how Natural Stone Veneers can be the crowning achievement to any construction endeavor. National Block carries the whole line of Natural Stone Veneers, for more information visit our showroom today or give us a call at 734-721-4056.

ProVia is inspired by nature’s endless bounty of colors—from the muted tones of wheat and cotton to the vivid hues of a morning sunrise—and we wanted to share our ideas to help you choose from these thoughtfully selected exterior house color schemes. ProVia offers a full line of natural beautiful options for your home. Ask your National Block Representatives about all the ProVia options.