Concrete Masonry Units

Block masonry is one of the oldest, most established building techniques. Evolution in materials, mix designs, and engineering allow for the construction of today to use concrete blocks and create even stronger masonry buildings, and structures that will last for generations.

National provides concrete masonry units (cinder blocks) in a variety of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes.

Operating two concrete block plants on site makes it possible for National to supply any job large or small.  The listing below is just a sampling of all we offer at National Block.


Concrete Block List

Standard Blocks

  • 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8” Solid Blocks
  • 4x8x16 Regular and full fittings
  • 6x8x16 Regular and full fittings
  • 8x8x16 Regular, fractional and full fittings
  • 8x8x16 Single Score
  • 10x6x16 Regular Block
  • 12x8x16 Regular, fractional and full fittings


Split Face Concrete Blocks

  • 4x8x16 Split Face
  • 8x8x16 Split Face
  • 12x8x16 Split Face
  • 4 Flute Split Face
  • 8 Flute Split Face

Other Architectural Blocks

  • Colored Smooth Face Blocks
  • V-Score Blocks
  • Single Score Blocks
  • Striated Blocks

Half High Units

Smooth and Split Concrete Blocks

  • 4x4x16 Smooth and Split Face
  • 8x4x16 Smooth and Split Face
  • 10x4x16 Smooth
  • 12x4x16 Smooth and Split Face

Miscellaneous Concrete Blocks and Brick

  • 2‘ Manhole Block
  • 4’ Manhole Block
  • Manhole Brick
  • Chimney Block 8×8, 8×12

National Block is a member of the following associations. Please consult their websites for additional information.

Masonry Institute of Michigan
National Concrete Masonry Association
Concrete Masonry Checkoff