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MESA Retaining Wall Systems

The Connection You Can Count On

Complete and Proven System

The MESA Retaining Wall Systems provide superior, attractive and cost-effective solutions for all of your retaining wall needs. Developed by Tensar Earth Technologies, the global leader in soil reinforcement solutions. MESA Walls combine the economy and versatility of segmental concrete units with proven geogrid technology to create the new standard in segmental retaining wall (SRW) systems.

Unlike other SRW systems, every component of a MESA Wall has been specifically designed and detailed to work together for optimum efficiency and performance. High strength concrete units, unique locking connectors and Tensar Geogrids all work together to create a unified system that meets or exceeds every industry standard. The MESA Systems are a complete, packaged solution – the only single-source, fully integrated SRW system available on the market today.

Endless Aesthetics, Economical Solutions

The MESA Systems offer economical solutions for a variety of applications. From residential developments to commercial and industrial sites, MESA Walls combine creative looks with easy practical installations, all while maintaining your bottom line. Units are locally available in a wide selection of colors, styles and textures to help accommodate the designs of any site. The systems unique locking connector also lets you build walls with both near-vertical or a 5/8″ setback – profiles not all SRW systems can provide. With these options, it’s no wonder the MESA Systems continue to be the preferred solution of choice for architects, engineers, contractors and owner/developers alike.

MESA Units & Color Options

National Block Company is proud to manufacture MESA Units at our plant in Westland, Michigan. Each unit is available with straight face in the following standard colors: Natural, Desert Sand, San Marino, Red Clay and Charcoal. Custom and blended colors are also available upon request.


Mesa XL
Mesa XLThe Mesa XL Unit is the newest component in the Mesa product line. By extending a “tail”, the installer is offered a more balanced unit for gravity wall installations.The Mesa XL Unit also introduces the “radius-face” for use when preferred or specified.
Mesa Standard
Mesa StandardThe Mesa Standard Unit, the most popular size in the Mesa line, fulfills virtually every retaining wall need. When combined with TensarĀ® structural geogrids and the patented Mesa connector, the Standard Unit can accommodate a variety of applications.These units are ideal for use in commercial, industrial and residential sites.

Mesa Landscape
MESA LandscapeThe Mesa Landscape Unit is the best suited for a variety of home and site improvement projects. At half the height of the Standard Unit, placement and handling are easier for the installer.The Landscape Unit also makes an attractive accent when used in conjunction with the Standard Unit on alternating courses.
Mesa Gardener
Mesa GardenerThe Mesa Gardener Unit was conceived to enhance the beauty of your property through simple, “do-it-yourself” projects. The Gardener Units can be used to construct walls up to three feet high without secondary reinforcement. Installation is further simplified with unique hand holds, making the units easier to carry and install while avoiding pinched fingers which are typically associated with traditional concrete block.